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*Ψάχνει στους τίτλους των αγγελιών εργασίας και στους πρώτους 150 χαρακτήρες.


Ημερομηνία Δημοσίευσης:
Τύπος απασχόλησης:
Κωδικός θέσης εργασίας:
Κατηγορία εργασίας:
Στελέχη Ξενοδοχειακών Μονάδων
Περιοχή εργασίας:
Δήμος Κερκυραίων

Bellman - Corfu

Job Title: Bellman

Job Purpose: To ensure that guest satisfaction objectives within the department are achieved by providing an efficient, friendly and attentive guest welcome and delivery service as per the standards of performance and training provided.


  • To drop off and collect guests in the hotel buggy according to the standards and procedures of the hotel.
  • To deliver newspapers and messages to guests’ villas, and to deliver and collect luggage in a timely and efficient manner.
  • To load and unload cars on arrival and departure of guests, and assist guests entering and leaving the vehicles.
  • To ensure that guests expectations are met or exceeded by providing an efficient, friendly and attentive service.
  • To check the lobby/hotel entrance helping to keep it clean and tidy and report any defects.
  • To check the hotel buggies making sure they are clean and in good working order.
  • To supervise the traffic at the porte-cochere.
  • Answers guest inquiries by providing accurate and appropriate information.
  • Handles customer complaints if possible, or reports them to supervisors.
  • To inspect all guest transportations and grooming of limousine drivers as per hotel’s standard.
  • Supports the Corporate Social Responsibility program of the through the implementation of policies and programs that contribute to environment-friendly practices in the hotels and resorts.
  • Contributes to due diligence efforts and risk management activities for existing and future projects.
  • To attend all required trainings and maintain multi skills to flexibly perform in all sections in FO when its required.

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