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Compensation & Benefits Specialist

Compensation & Benefits Specialist

Job Description:

At WIND, we believe in a world of connection, interaction and sharing!

Our passion is that people enrich their lives with all that communications technology makes possible.

We want our Customers to focus only on expressing themselves, while we take care of the technology that enables them.

So, if you want to take part in changing how people experience their lives, WIND is the right place to be.

We see each new colleague as a unique team member and a major investment for our company’s future, and now we are looking for a talented and highly-motivated "Compensation & Benefits Specialist" to join a team of bright professionals.

Main Tasks:

  • Development and design of compensation packages and policies aligned with our business goals and strategies
  • Assessment of the employees' needs by means of different elevation methods and techniques
  • Compare benefits and compensation plans, job classifications, and salaries through data and cost analyses
  • Creation and improvement of salary, benefit, and bonus systems
  • Oversee pension and savings plans
  • Develop consistent compensation policies in accordance with our organizational objectives and work culture
  • Conduct audits on a regular basis and prepare reports
  • Manage the enrollment, renewal, and distribution processes for specific benefits
  • First point of contact for queries regarding rewards and benefits


  • Degree in business/economics, HR management or other related fields
  • 4+ years’ experience working as HR Data Analyst/ Benefits Analyst/ Rewards
  • Hands on experience with HR software (HRIS) / Tech savvy and confident on HR systems
  • Sound knowledge of compensation cycle management and all HR practices
  • Good negotiation and communication skills
  • Strong numerical and quantitative analysis skills
  • Knowledge about different options of compensation and ways to motivate people
  • Knowledge of current labor rules/regulations
  • Familiarity with different kinds of benefits and incentives
  • Strong verbal as well as non-verbal communication skills
  • Exceptional time-management and organizational skills

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