Domotel Hotels & Resorts in Greece

Domotel lifestyle & boutique hotels in Greece – Europe is a genuine Luxury Boutique Hotel Chain. Each hotel in Greece carries its own concept, based on each destination, on the character of the property, on all those elements composing its unique existence.

Domotel’s goal is to create hospitality that matters. Domotel chain is an organism with management innovations focused on their clients smile. Domotel offers 4 and 5 stars quality services in City and Resort hotels located in Thessaloniki, Volos, Karditsa, Agios Athanasios and Sivota. Our hotels are addresing to people who appreciate Tailor made hospitality and Gastronomic experiences.

Domotel luxury hotels in Greece offer Mediteranean hospitality and unique services to all guests who want to explore a True experience in Greece. Domotel’s system provides excellent and innovative hospitality results that both guests and partners can trust.


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