We are a hospitality company with a unique hands-on approach and operations focus. We perceive our company to be just as unique and precious as a rare, high-quality pearl and we want this value to be reflected in our villas which we intend to pinpoint as masterpiece estates in the minds of travelers, properties to which they’ll desire to return again and again.

Our guests, partners, property owners and staff are at the heart of all our actions. We constantly aim to exceed their expectations with great attention to detail, professionalism, fairness and a human touch.

Our Story

The idea behind the creation of the company sprouted in 2013 when the company’s founder took a short trip to Mykonos. During the trip, he identified several difficulties that travelers were encountering and flaws that could potentially blemish the overall travel experience in the “island of winds”.

The Pearls began operations in 2015 on a mission to bolster the destination’s international fame, create unique travel experiences and rejuvenate the expanding market of short-term luxury property rentals.

Providing a superior and standardized product at fair prices, exceptional service quality, and a more transparent and user-friendly process led to the rapid growth of Mykonos Pearls. Today, The Pearls is the number one property management company in Mykonos, exclusively managing more than 75 properties with offices in both Athens and Mykonos.


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