The Pearls Collection is a luxury hospitality - property management company that offers exceptional accommodation and bespoke travel services that are designed to meet the needs and exceed the expectations of even the most demanding travelers. Founded and run by ambitious, highly-skilled travel experts, the company has managed to become a leading player in the Mykonos Villa hospitality market with a rich portfolio of more than eighty-five properties.

The Pearls Collection is now under the process of expanding to two of the most popular luxury destinations worldwide: Saint Tropez and Ibiza.

Our Story


The concept behind the creation of the Pearls Collection sprouted in 2013 when the company’s founder took a short trip to Mykonos. The journey unfolded several difficulties and flaws that could potentially blemish the overall travel experience in the “island of winds”. Mykonos Pearls began operations shortly after on a mission to bolster the destination’s international fame, rejuvenate the luxury hospitality scene and completely transform the guest experience.

Equipped with an ability to grasp the impossible and a vision to materialize the unimaginable, we have recently broadened our operations and expanded to two of the most fascinating destinations on the globe, Saint Tropez and Ibiza.

Today, The Pearls Collection operates in three different countries and counts more than one hundred staff members, with additional expansion plans in popular international winter destinations in the near future. Driven by a vision to reach the most extraordinary locations and an inherent determination to redefine luxury hospitality, The Pearls Collection will continue to grow and strive for transcendence on a quest for excellence.


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