Meeting Point Hellas (MPH) is a subsidiary of Meeting Point International (MPI), a leading global destination management company with fully fledged office infrastructures in several of the most popular tourism destinations in the world. Our DMC experience goes back to 1983 where we started founding our own incoming companies focusing on a high level of service and price aggressiveness. Meeting Point International is a part of the FTI Touristik Group, the fourth largest Travel Operator in Germany.

With 18 Meeting Point offices, across 4 continents, we have dedicated ourselves to serving the extensive needs of the travel industry professionals across the globe so that today, MPI services per annum 4.1 million satisfied travellers at their destinations of choice.

Current destinations we operate, other than Greece,  are Spain, Turkey, Portugal, Italy and Cyprus, further afield resorts such as Azores, Egypt, Morocco, Tunisia and Lebanon, and long-haul destinations such as USA, the Caribbean, Thailand, the UAE.


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