Process Engineering is an independent consultancy specializing in Occupational Health & Safety, Quality and Environmental Management.

Process Engineering was founded in 2006, from a group of consultants with significant experience in issues of Quality Health & Safety and Environmental management. Within its relatively short period of operation, the company has developed strategic partnerships, with companies from all sectors (industry, energy, commerce, construction, services, etc.).

For Process Engineering, each new project is a unique challenge. We aim to cover all scientific aspects of the work at hand to the highest quality, while adhering to a set timetable and being cost effective.

Process Engineering provides its services in order to fulfil the client requirements, while respecting the human and environmental issues involved.

The company maintains a high level of knowledge, skill and experience among its personnel, to ensure high quality of service.

Within its brief operation, the company has also managed to expand outside Greece, maintaining a significant number of clients in Cyprus, the Middle East and Asia Minor.

Process Engineering continues to invest in its human resources and its technical infrastructure, aiming for continuous improvement in its level of services.


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