KSY Blends was created by people of the Juice industry oriented to customer specialized needs for advance blended products.

KSY Blends is a Blendings & Services Company providing high expertise and Taylor made compound solutions for different product application needs. The company’s staff is highly professional in education and experience and cooperates with top level facilities and companies in Greece and North Europe in order to cover complex industrial needs in the Juice industry related to blended and compound Juice product applications.

KSY Blends does premium quality Conventional NFC Juice blendings and Organic NFC Juice blendings from organic certified products and suppliers.

KSY Blends is closely cooperating with Biofresh SA the leading juice processor in Greece and with KSY Juice Trading a highly professional and knowledgeable trading company.

KSY Blends keeps the Keep Supporting, Serving, Supplying motto as the center of its customer oriented operations.


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