The company was founded 50 years ago by the Voltolina family and is still today owned by the family. Ever since the beginning, the Company has always been the leader and the generator of jewels in Murano Glass. Esthetical values changed throughout the years because of the needs of the modern woman but the values of AM have been the same ever since and will be in the future: uniqueness of the product, creativity, handmade. Am has the values of a family company but the structure of a managerial company. AM works with a team of designers coming from the jewellery and fashion world and work together in creative harmony with our Glass masters. All the collections are developed and created with the coordination of an Art Director, following the fashion trends. Am has a well organized logistic Department, able to deliver in maximum 2 weeks. AM considers itself an artisanal company as every single piece is handmade, but Am looks at the future and works for future projects. As a matter of fact Am is a trendsetter company.


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