For 40 consecutive years, SEMITRON provides 80% of the Greek market with PANTHER electronic taximeters. The continuous development of products & services makes the company export-oriented, hence achieving its expansion in an increasing number of countries around the world. Over the past 3 years Semitron created 3 affiliate companies located in Ireland, Turkey and Algeria.

SEMITRON is engaged in the filed of Research and Development, continuously creating new technologies and products. Every product is entirely created by SEMITRON in terms of software and hardware, something that gives the company the ability to be flexible and to adjust to individual customer needs.

SEMITRON is equipped with new technology systems that enable environmental control and the electromagnetic compatibility of each product in the stage of development, as well as of production.

This way, we achieve the reliability of our products and their certification pre assessment. The company is staffed by expert scientists and professors of higher educational institutions specializing in the field of Research and Development.

The company's fully automated production line and the privately owned testing laboratories ensure a consistently high quality level of the manufactured products, which are certified by qualified European institutions.


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