C Solutions CA is a private company and offers pilot plant and analytical services to the Oil Refining industry. Our current pilot plant capabilities cover the areas of Hydrotreating (from Naphtha to Vacuum Gas Oil) and Hydrocracking (from Naphtha to Atmospheric resid).
Our first piece of ULSD work was completed in 2001 and we have subsequently successfully completed over 200 other projects. Our client base covers over 25 companies, included in the list are Oil Majors and Catalyst vendors. Our lab serves as a benchmark for many of the Oil Majors and Catalyst Suppliers, who have their own facilities. We are used both to check internal research and we provide extra pilot plant capacity as and when required.
We have a lot of expertise in the area of clean fuels and in processing novel or exotic feeds, such as Bio oils. In addition our clients use our services for data generation for model studies, i.e. both for traditional feed stocks as well as model compounds. We also assist in the generation of data, used in defining industrial unit operating windows.


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