City Crop is a startup company that manufactures and sells automated indoor systems of hydroponic cultivation which you can control using a Smartphone technology.

In this specific device you can grow fruits, vegetables, herbs and even flowers. You can control the temperature, the humidity, the lighting and observe the cultivation progress using the Smartphone App. You can share your experience (photos and videos) by being a member of the City Crop community on the web and use all the help from the City Crop experts.

Thanks to its modern, attractive and practical design, the device can easily be placed in all areas (from kitchen to living room). Also, you can expand it as many times as you like, building a bigger construction. It matches not only to individuals, but also professionals in the area of catering, accommodation, preparation and packaging of food products, etc.

The vision of City Crop is to raise consumer’s awareness regarding healthy eating habits which contribute not only to health and longevity but also to the value of the environment itself.


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