Think Silicon Ltd specializes in designing and developing Mobile Computer Graphics Solutions for low-end and mid-end devices using DirectFB and the Khronos Group Standards: OpenVG, OpenWF. The company provides highly configurable, low power IP semiconductor modules like Think2D, a high performance 2D bitmap Graphics Accelerator, which add graphical power to mobile and embedded systems.

Our tool IPGenius is an on-line platform for the generation of parametrizable IP modules than can be used in Semiconductor devices. This tool allows the generation of custom-made IP modules, designed according to user requirements, packaged and delivered to the end-user via the internet. We believe that this tool can shift the paradigm of IP design and distribution by introducing new levels of flexiblity and can introduce an alternative business model in the Semiconductor IP industry.


Think Silicon's team members have worked together for many years as part of ATMEL's IC-Group of WLAN/VOIP design centre and have taped-out 13 SoC architectures and 24 different part numbers for various applications in Wireless, VOIP, Network Processor industry, including AT76C502/3/4/5 as used in certain 3COM OfficeConnect, LinkSys WUSB11, Compex WLU11A, Netgear MA101, Compaq iPAQ H5400,H5500, Zyxel ZyAIR 200 Siemens Gigaset, device: AT75C510 used in D-LINK DWL-900AP, Linksys WAP11 and others, device AT75C901 used in Wireless VOIP phone Cisco 7920 and others.

These devices successfully reached production stage and the market. We have demonstrated a solid understanding of the digital IC Design process and the market.


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