Gastronomy is an art and the customers of “Thalassa” Restaurant realize it right from the moment they enter this a la carte restaurant at Kalafatis beach. Housing its own private jetty in front of the restaurant, for private yachts and other boats making it accessible to enjoy Thalassa’s cuisine. The aesthetic journey is initiated through the restaurant’s atmosphere, food quality and attentive service with its Cycladic decoration and the magnificent view of the deep blue Aegean Sea.

A dining at Thalassa is considered to be a gastronomical pleasure; meals are based on fresh meat from a privately owned farm and seafood from the seas of Mykonos, carefully chosen locally sourced ingredients characterizing the restaurant reputation. This restaurant is considered to be the number “One” restaurant in Kalafatis, thus making dining in Mykonos a truly unique experience, with our highly selective skilled chefs cooking delicious meals based on traditional Mediterranean recipes, but enriching them with their innovative ideas and flair.


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