Our company was founded in 2013 and we are a part of an international IT services & Customer Relationship Management company specializing in development, promotion and management of internet projects.

We are based on a unique system of local and international client support, the main site places strong emphasis on close cooperation with social network account operators (providers) all over the world. We are proud to have an international team working in the USA, Russia, Europe, Latin America, Asia and Africa with over 300 full-time staff.

  • Well-developed interpersonal, sales and negotiation skills.
  • Fluent English (oral and written).
  • Leading character.
  • Capability for independent and proactive actions.
  • Advanced PC & Internet user.
  • Finding potential clients and generating their interest for the international communication platform.
  • Discovering and exploring opportunities for new clients.
  • Managing an account database.
  • Providing clients with support in using the web-site.
  • Performing marketing research.
  • Planning and development of new prospecting strategies.
  • Promotion of the company’s projects.

Do you feel comfortable working with Social Media on a remote basis? If you are highly self-motivated, English-speaker and you enjoy communicating with people from various countries, you are a very good fit for the position of aSocial Network Account Operator.

It is a form of communication via internet that aims to bring people together in the form of acquaintance, friendship or marriage. For this purpose we have posted profiles of various ladies (we do not feature male profiles, men instead use the site directly by purchasing credits in order to consume its services).

Roughly 80% men of all the male clients are from the USA and Canada, while the remaining 20% are from Australia, South Africa and northern Europe. The profiles are varied in age and other such categories.

Every female profile featured on the site comes with a registration video, meaning that it is genuine and therefore legally ensured. We then debit these profiles to the operators in question and through online work they undertake the task of communicating with the male clients via a live chat and with electronic correspondence. All this is conducted via the site.

  • Opportunity to start your own local business based on our know-how, experience and infrastructure.
  • High degree of autonomy and flexible working hours.
  • Possibility to work from your home office.
  • Collaboration with a team of professionals within the international network.
  • Excellent development opportunities.
  • Competitive salary (based on work results).
  • Promotion of the company’s projects.

Based on the generated results of the majority of recorded payments in our system, payments have fluctuated between 650-1450 Euros based on the statistics that we have after 2-months of work. The system records and exhibits the money that is generated and credited to each operator. Of the total sum, 20% is retained for taxes and expenses, and the remaining 80% is shared equally between the management and the operator.

Hence the operator it receives 40% of the total amount generated during her month of work.

  • Excellent knowledge English in written text. All of your work is conducted in the English language
  • A well-functioning computer with Windows 7-8-10 (64Bit version), or MAC (your computer must be at least i5 [2nd or 3rd Generation] with 8Gb Ram, so that no technical glitches endured). Tablets are not accepted. You will be required to also have a an activated skype account and be online in order to have direct communication with the administration team of Global Services Agency at all times during work hours (Please note that skype is not used as a method of conducting our daily duties, but rather simply used to only communicate with management).
  • Microsoft Office.
  • High speed internet is required, at leastADSL(no mobile Internet can be used).
  • Fast typing, blind system helps greatly with output.
  • You must have charasmatic and communicative qualities.
  • Loads of patience.
  • An appetite for efficient work.
  • Full employment in our company

Your services will include facilitating correspondence, translation and other related services.

The Social Network Account Operator works daily, or a total of 5,5 days at minimum (meaning 11 4-hour shifts). This equals an 8-hour workday (because each shift consists of roughly 4 hours). We work on the weekends, holidays, and basically year-round, with no exception and days off can be usually given during the week. Hence, the bulk of work is conducted while North Americans are not working. Since there is a time difference between several countries -for example North America has 6 to 10 hours difference with Greece- depending of course on the geographic location of each state/province, there is a higher traffic workflow between 06:00-10:00 am and 19:00-23:00 (and later). This specific schedule is obligatory in the first period of working with us.


Κλάδος: Τηλεϋπηρεσίες
Έτος ίδρυσης: 2013
Αριθμός εργαζομένων: 40
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