Andromeda Group is the fastest growing group of companies in the Mediterranean Aquaculture industry, with activity across Europe and worldwide export power.

Achieving dynamic growth since its foundation until today, with the support of “Amerra Capital Management LLC”, an independent investment firm, and the guidance of a highly experienced management team, Andromeda is developing into a dynamic group of companies aimed at establishing itself as the leader in Mediterranean Aquaculture.

The main attribute of Andromeda Group is the high quality and true freshness of its products; combined with a sophisticated distribution network that facilitates delivery of its products throughout Europe and USA within only 48 hours from harvesting.


Our people: Our strength!

Andromeda Group currently employs over 550 people, most of them with significant previous experience in the aquaculture industry. They are passionate about their work and committed to achieving one common goal: to produce quality, safe and nutritious aquaculture products, which fully meet our partners’ as well as, our consumers’ requirements.

The highly professional training, extensive experience, team spirit, loyalty and devotion to the group, is one of the main advantages of Andromeda´s workforce.



1998: Andromeda S.A. is founded

2001: Phase One of Andromeda's genetic selection program is launched

2001-2006: Andromeda is ranked among the leading aquaculture companies in Greece with consistent growth and superior results throughout the period

2006: SEEF, a fund advised by Global Finance, acquires a majority stake in Andromeda. Phase Two of Andromeda's genetic selection program is launched

2007: Strategic investment in a Sea Park and packaging facility in Igoumenitsa the nearest Greek port to Italy

2008: Phase Three of Andromeda's genetic selection program is launched. Investment in a second hatchery in Western Greece. Initiation of the ‘Mediterranean project' with the acquisition of Acuimar Group in Spain.

2009: Acquisition of Niordseas SL in Spain.

2010: Acquisition of Piscimar in Spain.

2011: Acquisition of Kalypso, Sargonaftes and Hydrokosmos in Greece. Strategic agreement with Maremar in Spain.

2016: Amerra Capital Management LLC acquires Andromeda Group and sets new growth targets.

Future: Andromeda Regional growth, M&A activity. Andromeda aims to become a leading player in the Mediterranean Aquaculture Industry.



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