About Sbokos Hotel Group:

At Sbokos Hotel Group our mission statement is: “To operate our hotels and resorts with an uncompromised commitment to personable service and quality of standards. When we enjoy a high rate of return guests, we successfully fulfill our ultimate obligation to the tradition of authentic Cretan Hospitality.”

Core Values:
  • dedication to exceptional and personalized service,
  • continuous training and development of the staff
  • commitment to ecological responsiveness
  • emphasis on authentic traditional experiences

Much of the group’s success can be attributed to its dedicated staff, many of whom have stayed with the company since 1976. People come to work with us and stay year after year because they feel we treat them with respect. We feel it is of vital importance that our people are happy to work in our hotels, so as to convey this to our guests.

Yiannis Sbokos, the Managing Director, is himself involved with the day to day running of the group, while other members of the family have been actively involved in the construction of the properties or work in the operational side of the business. Yannis Sbokos’ vision has always been centred upon quality of infrastructure and excellence of service. Regular refurbishments and updating of the facilities keep the properties to the highest standards. Most importantly, tourism is about a precious time in the lives of modern, hard-working people, where dedicated service and warm hospitality become an absolute priority.


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