Delorbis Pharmaceuticals Ltd

Delorbis Pharmaceuticals Ltd was founded in 1989 as a leading branded generic pharmaceutical company, offering a broad portfolio of more than 100 pharmaceutical products. We are dedicated to offer a balanced portfolio of EU-approved branded generics in accordance to local therapeutic needs.

Our pride is the achievement of over 600 marketing authorizations in more than 35 markets worldwide. Delorbis Pharmaceuticals Ltd is steadily expanding its activities in new markets in the Middle East, Africa, Far East and CIS.

Today Delorbis Pharmaceuticals Ltd, through combination of marketing and sales efforts created strategies to ensure constant growth. We work together with our partners to identify product opportunities. At Delorbis Pharmaceuticals Ltd, we strongly believe in keeping the customers satisfied and providing them with pharmaceutical products at affordable price.

Delorbis Pharmaceuticals Ltd premises are located in Ergates Industrial Area, Lefkosia, Cyprus. The manufacturing site consists of two units and one dedicated cytotoxic unit. Production, Packaging, Quality Control, Quality Assurance, Development, Warehouse departments are in place in our modern facilities and are staffed with high caliber scientific personnel. Delorbis Pharmaceuticals Ltd uses state of the art equipment and technology and operates within full compliance with European-Good Manufacturing Practice (EU-GMP) Rules and Regulations. In this high quality standard environment, our company provides among others, Quality Control (QC) services and Contract-Manufacturing to world-leading pharmaceutical companies.


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