The Cavo Olympo Luxury Resort & Spa is the newest beach, health & wellness resort in the area, located steps from the crystal clear waters of the Aegean Sea and set on the foot of the legendary home of the 12 ancient gods, Mt. Olympus. This new 5 star holiday resort, built of the highest grade of material, is focused on providing world class luxury and comfort to its guests, and promises to make your stay a truly unique and unforgettable experience.

If anything accurately defines Cavo Olympo Luxury Resort & Spa, it is the service and added-value we provide our guests. Situated on one of the most popular coasts in Northern Greece, we are pleased to share what was a well-kept secret of natural beaches, crisp blue skies, 500 year old olive trees and a pristine air quality found only near Mt. Olympus National Park that many say is the reason for long and healthy lives of the local residents. Add to that our genuinely beautiful and architecturally refined facilities along with our warm Greek hospitality and we rival any Greek island on any front.

Cavo Olympo Luxury Resort & Spa offers multiple infinity pools, including a state of the art indoor masterpiece, restaurants and cafes offering the freshest of local fare, a magnificently indulging spa and fitness center and adjustable meeting and event space for both small and very large groups.

Cavo Olympo, a true luxury experience, embodies the highest of traditional values, offering well-appointed, spacious rooms and suites, but more importantly, it provides exceptional, discreet and professional service to all guests ensuring that they experience the time-honored, warm and sincere Greek welcome.


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