From Vision to Reality...
George Pizanis, a Designer with a long time experience in the broader field of Marketing and Graphic Arts, made his vision for the formation of a Design Studio, aiming to corporate and brand image enhancement, a reality, and created INK Design in 1986. Dimitris Tsamalis, joined his vision being the Client and Art Director since 1990 and Thanassis Raptis the Art and Web Director since 1995.

Reality’s Weapons...
INK Design is an Image-Creating Design Studio, providing services such as total branding and design solutions as well as strategic production communication. It creates trading and brand names, it implements new trademarks and logos, it evolves commercial as well as retail branding and environmental identity,
designing Ads, brochures, awarded Annual Reports and more, from scratch to finish!

At INK Design’s arsenal are also the advanced technologies. Website and eCommerce design and implementation, hosting, social media viral campaigns and innovative, custom Smartphone apps
completes the ideal image planning in the most competitive, alternative (?) environment.

Its patent (by Industrial Property Organization) for the mathematical model and the production of Moving-Images™, presents a means of communication, which converts static images to live ones! Moreover, INK Design imports and trades holographic and secure systems for the protection of authentic products.

INK Design is the first Greek Design Studio certified with ISO 9001:2008, ensuring the quality of services provided, since 2007, and is also a member of Hellenic Network for Social Corporate Responsibility.


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