Located on the east coast of the beautiful island of Kos with magnificent views of the Aegean Sea and breathtaking surroundings, the 6 jewels of Kipriotis Company, consisting of 5 luxury hotels and the largest autonomous convention centre in Greece, offer a great hospitality experience that can tempt even the most demanding visitors.

Kipriotis Hotels is a family owned company founded in 1984 by George Kipriotis. With business activities including 5 hotel complexes in Kos and 1 in Rhodes as well as Kos International Convention Centre, George Kipriotis was pioneer in the development of the hospitality and tourism industry of the Dodecanese islands in Greece.

The Dodecanese islands constitute a complex of 12 islands situated on the South-East part of Greece neighbouring with Turkey. Kos is one of the biggest islands of the complex and is known as the island of Hippocrates, father of Medicine. It is an island whose natural beauty, crystal clear waters and rich history makes it one of the top destinations worldwide for conference or leisure travellers.

Kipriotis Company properties

Kipriotis’ properties on the island consist of two 5***** hotels and three 4**** hotels with a total capacity of 4.000 beds and are found in Psalidi - Kos, all in a radius of 300m from each other. Build next to the beach front, all hotels offer modern, functional and spacious accommodation, are privileged with magnificent views of the Aegean Sea and are surrounded by beautifully tended gardens and a wide range of excellent sport and leisure facilities, including entertainment.

In addition to the 5 luxury properties on the island of Kos, Kipriotis Company also owns the Kos International Convention Centre, the largest autonomous convention centre in the Mediterranean. A few years ago the combination of a hotel and a convention centre, according to European standards, which would be able to function and provide both a pleasant stay and state of the art convention services, was just a rough idea. Kipriotis Company focused on providing the best proposition with regards to both holiday and business activities and the Kos Intrenational Convention Centre with total capacity of 5.500 persons was built in 1999.


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