SABO SA, a manufacturing company with facilities occuping a total space of 30.000 sq m is a greek company having its premices in Vasiliko Halkis, 90 km away from Athens. With a total of more than 250 employees in the group Euro SABO group is operating in the field of manufacturing of machinery and turn-key plants for the Brick and tile industry the last 22 years.

The companies Today SABO group consists of four companies through which it is aimed to provide total service and solutions to its clients and their needs. SABO SA (established in 1984) designs, manufactures and installs the following: Turnkey plants for the brick and tile industry. The company is manufacturing a great percentage of the machinery of a brick or tile factory in different versions and models to satisfy the needs of various customers. Machinery for the brick and tile industry (lines for the dry preparation of clay, automations for the loading, unloading of all kind of dryers, setting, unsetting machines and packaging machines) Kilns and Dryers. All types of dryers (static, tunnel, rapid) and tunnel kilns for the brick industry are available together with ventilating, drying, and firing systems. Packaging machinery (palletizes, packaging with the use of Robots, strapping machinery, wrapping, thermoshrinking etc) SABO also manufactures and installs make-to-order lines for the handling and packaging of various products for the general industry.

Many large Greek companies are our customer like Elais (subsidiary of Unilever), Minerva, Titan Cement, Halkis Cement Company, Shelman, Neoset, General Company for Electricity. Frigoglass, BSP (Siemens), Rolco, Mathios Refractories, Fytothreptiki, Eurochartiki SA and others -SABO ELECTRIC (established in 1988) dealing with electrical installations, automations through PLC and SCADA , medium and low voltage boards.

SABO meetingsAll the electric boards of our lines and plants are manufactured by SABO ELECTRIC. SICAP (established in 1991) deals with the construction of civil engineering works for plants, reconstruction of existing manufacturing facilities and public works. The company owns a line for the production of asphalt and equipment for the construction of roads. Through this company, SABO group is able to provide total service and construct total facilities together with all the relevant civil engineering works. As a reference the company has constructed three metal industrial building for the greek company NEOSET, of a total of 24.000m2 , the civil engineering works and metal building for Vavouliotis -Gounaris-Mitakis. - a large brick factory, all the civil engineering project for AFOI Karthasilari, a greek food company.

Moreover it has completed various other metal works, and buildings for small and medium companies. CROM HELLAS (founded in 1997) with main activity the crom-plating and the maintenance works for the brick industry, the construction of augers, dies (with inner brakes, one or two sets of outer brakes), frames, cores etc. Infrastructure SABO is aiming to satisfy all the special needs of the brick manufacturer and therefore is oriented towards the production of custom made machinery. All machinery are designed and manufactured based on the specific need of the client (in terms of capacity, products, available space, type of existing installation, degree of automation) A great emphasis is placed in the proper application of business processes. SABO is certified with quality system ISO 9001:1994. All its products are labeled with CE . Every machinery is tested in our premises with real products before sent to the customer to ensure proper functioning and minimum installation time. The company has invested a lot in modern CNC machinery (lathes, miling machines and other) so that to be able to produce high quality parts with low costs.

SABO CAD stationThere are several CAD stations for 3-D design to ensure reliable, faultless and low cost drawings. During 2004 the company constructed new office buildings and a new production hall to enlarge its workshop and to be able to redesign its production departments and work flow. It also invested in a new filter for its painting and sand-blasting department to improve the working conditions and productivity.


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