Since launching in 2015, Santorini Yachting Club has established itself as the Santorini’s premier sailing destination.

Santorini Yachting Club is an experienced yachting charter company that works closely with the Triantafillou family, who were the owners of the premier yachting company on the gorgeous island of Santorini in the Aegean Sea

The cooperation with the Triantafillou family, which has a long nautical heritage, guarantees a carefree and enjoyable yachting charter excursion. It is not surprising that this family first introduced sailing tours in Santorini over three decades ago.

Using the picturesque village of Oia as their base, the two brothers provided to travellers from all over the word the opportunity to enjoy the unique landscapes and dazzling beaches of Santorini and the nearby islands.

Continuing in the same philosophy, Santorini Yachting Club offers unique excursions not only to the Volcano and the Hot Springs, or around the Caldera and in the island of Thirasia, but also longer, customized trips to the islands close to Santorini. The company has a customer-centered mentality, where offering first class services and delivering a superior level of service are high priorities.

The company continues to growing and upgrading its fleet keeping always in mind the guests satisfaction and seamless services. Adding to its fleet contemporary luxurious vessels, catamarans, ribs and motor yachts featuring all modern amenities and equipment of the latest technology.

Santorini Yachting Club caters yearly over 32,248 guests, while creating 1,360,842 memories, offering more than 882,040 hours of relaxation afloat. Santorini Yachting Club champions unparalleled customer service - with our marine experts and their well trained crew.

The warm and professional hospitality services offered at Santorini Yachting Club will certainly make your visit to Santorini a truly memorable one.


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