Drakoulis is living proof that genuine passion can ignite your drive to excel. By combining true passion with quality and expertise, Drakoulis guarantees an enticing meat experience.

Determined to carry on his father’s dream, who opened the first Drakoulis butchery in Nea Smyrni almost 50 years ago, Stratos Drakoulis began a lifetime quest of sourcing and delivering the most premium quality meat products from around the world.

His eager mind and ardent spirit got him to foresee his customers’ needs and provide them with meat experiences and culinary journeys they didn’t know existed. Never compromising on quality, Drakoulis conveys his refined knowledge and knowhow to his entire team, forging highly experienced professional butchers.


Κλάδος: Εστίαση-Catering
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Ιστοσελίδα: https://www.drakoulis.gr/
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