About Us:

Efficiently building new, fully deployed wireless networks requires deep insight into all facets of network planning, design, deployment, and optimization. LCC’s broad expertise can power a network, delivering 2G, 2.5G, 3G and 4G networks that push best practices to new levels. With the on-going introduction of dynamic new technologies, you need to work with a company that understands the complexities of a rapidly changing technological environment. There is no substitute for experience. And in the history of wireless communications, no other company can lay claim to the sheer magnitude of practical, applied expertise that defines our employees.

Who We Are:

A pioneer in the industry since 1983, LCC has performed technical services for the largest wireless operators in North and South America, Europe, The Middle East, Africa and Asia. The Company has worked with all major access technologies (including LTE, WiMAX, HSPA, EV-DO, CDMA, EDGE and GSM) and has participated in the success of some of the largest and most sophisticated wireless systems in the world.

We bring local knowledge and global capabilities to our customers, offering innovative solutions, insight into cutting-edge developments and delivering solutions that increase business efficiencies.  Our service offering includes consulting, design, deployment, performance and operations and maintenance services and training through the world-renowned Wireless Institute.

Our History:

Founded in 1983 by Dr. Rajendra Singh, in conjunction with the deployment of the first US advanced mobile phone system (“AMPS”) and working directly with industry pioneers such as Craig McCaw, Craig Farrell, and Wayne Schelle to design the networks that served as the platforms for modern wireless as we know it today, LCC International, Inc. (LCC) is a pioneer in the wireless industry.

The original premise of our business was to help perspective licensees develop and submit applications for the initial round of cellular licenses in the United States. The engineering services and tools that LCC developed to accomplish these tasks became the basis of our business. LCC also developed exceptional design engineering capabilities in order to assist its clients with the design and optimization of their networks. In fact, many of our clients maintained no internal engineering resources to support the design of their networks. This work was entirely outsourced to LCC.

Over the past twenty-seven years of operation, LCC has continually expanded its capabilities and adjusted its services offerings to best suit the needs of the industry. LCC has been involved in the design and optimization of networks utilizing virtually every major transport technology ranging from traditional microwave and leased line to advanced technologies.  Our desire is to take this knowledge, experience and skill, and apply it to the greatest benefit for our clients in the design, deployment, optimization and operations of their existing and future networks. Having started at the very inception of the mobile wireless industry, LCC has been fortunate to be intimately involved with - and in many cases leading - new technology at virtually every step of the way.


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