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CeraMetal Surface Engineering is ideally located some 20km from the centre of Athens in the most developed high technology industrial area in Greece. With over 5.000m2 of purpose built production area, it's location has quick access to the national road network, rail links, the sea port of Piraeus and the new Athens airport.

The Company has three internal divisions working in close collaboration in order to completely satisfy our wide client base.


The division of WearParts manufactures WearPlates, WearStrips and WearPads as standard products for stock in the popular qualities. Our 24-hour production programme ensures a short lead-time for any eventuality. High quality standards are maintained and controlled to very tight process specifications ensuring the customer receives an excellent and reliable product to solve his particular wear problem.

The division offers a wide range of services to supply made-to-order parts, fabricated components and constructions to customer's specifications, or alternatively, turnkey solutions designed and manufactured fully under CeraMetal's control and responsibility. This division also offers profile cutting and forming of WearPlate, HardSurfacing by a wide range of surfacing processes, laboratory and wear testing facilities.


The division of Consumables manufactures a range of hardfacing wires and tubular electrodes to the same high quality standards as the WearParts. These products are a natural complement to WearPlates in the overall fight against wear offering additional flexibility to the user. They are also used internally for hardfacing in the Services division.


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