MICROFILL S.A. is a family owned company and was established by Konstantinos Zafranas Senior who started his business activities in 1922. In 1949 the family got involved in the industrial minerals processing business by constructing the first factory in Istanbul, Turkey. A second factory was constructed in Corinth, Greece, thirty years later. Since then, the company has been developing rapidly: the capacity of the factory has been extended three times and the sales activities have spread throughout the world.

The company is manufacturing fillers and extenders of Calcium Carbonate, and Talc. These raw materials are of excellent chemical purity and are processed by machinery of the latest technology known today. Processing includes: mine extraction, grinding, separating and coating. The big advantage of the processing units that MICROFILL employs is that the particle size distribution can have almost any desirable shape. In this way, each of our products can be designed and manufactured in order to meet, in the best possible way, the requirements of every application.

The applications of these fillers and extenders are more than one can imagine since they are found all around us in our everyday life: in the paint on our walls, the paper of our organizer, the plastic cover of our computer! To be more precise, our fillers are ideal to use in the manufacture of all kinds of paints, gloss or matte emulsion paints, adhesives, rubber, wall paper, paper, putties, detergents, insecticides, rigid and plasticized PVC, compounds, master batch, window profiles, pipes and many more.

The Quality Assurance System of MICROFILL S.A. complies with the standards of ISO 9001:2000 which has been granted to us since 1996. The major goal of our company is to offer a range of improved quality products by considering our customers' needs in technical support and service.


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