About us:

We are a B2B Sales Agency specializing in assisting companies to increase sales and operational revenues while reducing costs, also in developing new products and income opportunities.

We cover all aspects from product development, Sales & Marketing strategies, enabling our clients to reduce time to market.

We have an in house direct sales force and operate an extensive indirect channel network of partners and independent sales consultants.

  • B2B Direct Sales, Field Sales and Marketing Strategies
  • On-Site B2B Presentation, D2D Negotiation and Sales
  • B2B Telemarketing Services and B2B / B2C Telesales
  • B2B Lead Generation, Cold Calls and Appointment Setting
  • Digital Marketing Services

Creating relevant, compelling and timely integrated campaigns that drive sales revenue. Guiding leads along the path from prospect to new client. Providing a flexible and cost-effective approach to achieve your business growth ambitions and become a vital extension of your internal sales team.​

We are selling a list of technologies and solutions to a wide range of industries.

We match sales professionals with clients, based on sales competences, industry sales experience and existing professional network.

We provide flexible and scalable low risk sales coverage to companies.


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