“One of the very nicest things about life is the way we must regularly stop whatever it is we are doing and devote our full attention to a good meal”.
~~~ Luciano Pavarotti “My Own Story” (1982) ~~~

Mangiatutto Pte Ltd (a vernacular Italian word that loosely translates in “the quality big feed”) was incorporated in early 2009 to give birth to the first fully owned restaurant in Singapore of its two owners / partners: Cugini Trattoria & Pizzeria.

Since then, the mission of the company became to develop a series of concepts based on the freshness of Mediterranean Cuisine in cheerful ambiance.

  1. Cugini
  2. Sole Pomodoro Locanda
  3. Los Primos
  4. Sole Pomodoro Trattoria
  Cugini (the “cousins”) quickly became a staple of Club Street and, as a matter of fact, contributed to the substantial re-launch of that stretch of the road, on the Ann Siang Hill end, as a major hub for smart-dining and clubbing in Singapore.

Since from the very beginning, the philosophy of the company has been to forgo the trend of the so called “fine dining” concept: The main belief, on which all the operations of Mangiattuo Pte Ltd are based, is that at the foundation of a pleasant dining experience is home-made food, with respect of traditional recipes and joyful, yet careful, service and atmosphere. It’s “good dining” vs “fine dining”.


At Mangiatutto Pte Ltd staff is paramount: people are as important as location and good food in making a restaurant operation successful. The working environment is always joyful, cheerful and, yet, respectful of the standard rules and procedures, with always the customer's enjoyment of his dining experience in mind.

The company prides itself that, under the watchful eye of its owners, most of the key staff has been on board from the very beginning.

However, with the recent expansion plans under way, Mangiatutto keeps looking for new breed in its workforce. Anyone with a positive attitude, not necessarily with experience in Italian restaurants, at any position-level, who would think to be suitable to join the company both on the floor and in the kitchen please drop a note with a simple CV.



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