Chris Zouboulidis, raised by a children’s clothing retailer, decided to create his own business in 1992 in order to convert his passion into reality. Having spent all his vacation as a child into a children’s clothing retail shop, he has a unique ability to reveal the quality of each brand and promote it accordingly. His endless passion and the strong, long-lasting relations with the clients result into the company’s leading position in the wholesale children’s clothing business in Greece.

Financially solid with no leverage at all, Zouboulidis Group experiences a continuous growth over the last years. The unique expertise in the children’s clothing business (from the production to the wholesale and retail) and the deep knowledge of the Greek market result into a solid client base (150 clients) and strong, long-lasting client relations. The multi channel distribution character of the company gives another competitive advantage to the group.

In 2002 the Group opens its first retail shop (Paradis) proving the completeness and wealth of its brands’ portfolio that can successfully supply a whole retail shop. Zouboulidis Group’s product mix is unique.


Κλάδος: Λιανικό Εμπόριο
Έτος ίδρυσης: 1992
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