Natalie’s Hotel and Apartments

There is an air that manifests itself in this quaint village. Once it’s been breathed, allowed entry, it assimilates itself to the blood stream.

You will always remember this place now, perhaps not through memory - we know about the drinking - but in the way that it made you feel. It’s not often you find somewhere that feels as though it’s been waiting for you. Where change happens superficially, yet an essence remains.

On August 11th of 1953, this village travelled down from the mountains, its lease having expired, the ejection came in the guise of a devastating earthquake. Each of the families were given a 500 square metre plot, and with it a chance to rebuild after their loss. Captain Panagis Linardatos was owner and proprietor of this humble plot after the passing of his father. His occupation saw him distanced from his home town, traveling first as a Captain aboard tankers, before establishing a name for himself in shipping insurance. It wasn’t until the late nineties that hospitality realised it had found a diamond in this small fishing village. That realisation gave an impetus for a long awaited return.

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