Villa Di Mare

Rhodes’ First Hotel Welcomes You to a Modern Era of Hospitality

When the time came for Rhodes’ first hotel to be built, everything was done right. The perfect location was chosen; right on the beach, close to Rhodes cityand with spectacular views to the sea and the sunset. The hotel itself was designed with the times’ finest facilities, and taking advantage of the natural beauty of Ixia Bay, it was immersed in ravishingly verdant gardens. The original pool was a true spectacle, and around it countless royals, politicians, aristocrats, jet-setters and celebrities have lounged under the glorious Rhodian sun for almost a century! A genuine accommodation gem, one that epitomized the exclusive, cosmopolitan ambiance of Rhodes back then, now enters a new era of operation, and welcomes you to the holiday experience of a lifetime.

Modern and sophisticated, Villa di Mare links the glorious past with a promising future by introducing visitors to a lavish accommodation experience worthy of its dazzling heritage. New suites with exquisite features and private pools were added to the Villa di Mare facilities. The expansive pool allures guests and locals alike into a relaxing journey where the sea, the sun and utter luxury make your days simply unforgettable. The multi-awarded restaurant and bar introduce you to the authentic tastes of Rhodes on a palate-pleasing gastronomic journey and all that comes together before the most breath-taking sunset on the entire island, a priceless moment that defines your entire holiday!


Κλάδος: Υπηρεσίες Τουρισμού
Έτος ίδρυσης: 2009
Αριθμός εργαζομένων: 35
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