WATT+VOLT is a provider of integrated electricity services. It is a rapidly growing and profitable Greek company operating in Greece.

WATT+VOLT is a Registered Trader and Supplier of Electricity in the Greek energy market since 2011 and a Registered Supplier of Natural Gas since 2015.

The subsidiaries of the WATT+VOLT Group of Companies are active in Greece and the Balkans, expanding its activities constantly across multiple business development sectors.

Investing in pioneering technology infrastructure and the development of its human resources, WATT+VOLT is engaged successfully in the Trade and Supply of Electricity, the Trade of Gas Emissions and the Negotiation of Basic Commodities and Raw Materials.

WATT+VOLT is a constantly developing organisation that adapts to the new needs arising internationally in the Energy sector. Focusing on the research and development of new services and products it is in position to offer reliable solutions to a broad range of private businesses and to the end consumer.


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Ιστοσελίδα: http://www.watt-volt.gr
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