Member of the Association of Tourist Enterprises of Car Rental and of the Greek Tourism Organization. 

Drive SA founded and began its evolutionary path in car rental in 1992. Having as an asset its founder' s experience, Ioannis N. Karagiannoudis' expertise in the car sector pointed towards accessible and qualitative services, and continued investment in upgrading services, it became one of the greatest values in the market of cars hire. With a basic guide to the complete satisfaction of customer needs, Drive SA gives the most practical, innovative and affordable solutions, at local and national level. Today DRIVE S.A., is a company that specializes in car rental and in Operating Leasing.

Our goal and our promise:

For many years now, Drive s.a. puts you in the seat of...the driver!

Having connected the quality with the competitiveness in the philosophy of our group, we could not promise anything less than excellent, safe and economic services in individual and corporation frame.

Drive S.A. has as main goal not only to cover these needs, but to contribute to its customers' upgrade of their everyday life. So leads  the global trend for flexible mobility solutions and prompts you to do business one of the market leaders in Northern Greece.

Dynamic Growth:

Since 1992, Drive s.a. has created a huge car fleet all over Greece, a national network of services, and a large network of associates all over Greece, which is updated constantly, for better quality service.

With facilities owned by the central office, according to European technical specifications, close to Thessaloniki's Macedonia Airport, give the possibility for direct, specialized treatment and friendly services from the special advisers of DRIVE SA, that for years now created trust relations, which contributed to the development of the Group.

The professionalism and the solvency of the Group, reflected in the special flexible Car Rental and leasing programs, in the full management responsibility of potential complications of vehicles and the possibility of renting the entire company fleet.


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