The history of the GHotels in Chalkidiki

GHotels group of Hotels in Halkidiki

The history of GHotels began in 1972 in Kassandra Halkidiki at a time when Halkidiki was completely unknown as a tourist destination.

GHotels set the basis on which tourism developed in the region. Interest in Halkidiki has continually grown since then and has become a predominant center for tourists, not only for Greeks but for most Europeans as well as Americans.

Halkidiki is comprised of three peninsulas; Kassandra, Sithonia and Agion Oros and has one of the highest sunshine records in Greece, endless sandy beaches of which many have been awarded The Blue Flag seal of environmental clearness. Pine tree mountains and olive tree hills; green valleys and many interesting relics of the past, these are just a few of the wonders of the area. The three peninsulas of Halkidiki are on the same parallel with Majorca and share an equally sunny and beautiful climate. Furthermore, Halkidiki is close to Thessaloniki, a city filled with ancient history but very much alive as the cultural capital of Northern Greece and the Balkans.

Halkidiki, Thessaloniki town center and Thessaloniki's International Macedonia airport are all connected by the recently constructed highway, providing easy transportation means to and from the hotel resort, airport and city.

Ghotels Halkidiki Hotel group contributes systematically and directly to the development and support of the local and national economy, employing more than 500 people from the local market.

The Ghotels Hotel group continues to withhold a dynamic presence for over 30 years within the hotel business, maintaining a leading role in the tourism field with 5 hotel units. All Ghotels holiday resorts are located on the Kassandra peninsula of Halkidiki. The Ghotels group of hotels consists of The Athos Palace Hotel, The Pallini Beach Hotel and Bungalows, The Theophano Imperial Palace, The Macedonia Sun Hotel and The Simantro Beach Hotel.

Athos Palace offers a spacious reception area, lobbies, restaurants, tavernas, bars, conference halls, swimming pools (outdoor, indoor), shops, disco, marina, open air cinema as well as all beach and water sports.

In 1997, The G-Hotels Halkidiki Hotel Company, innovated and put into practice the All Inclusive package, being the first to put this system into operation in Halkidiki. The Athos Palace Hotel has operated as an All Inclusive hotel since then with continued success.

The Theophano Imperial Palace in 2007,undertook a two year complete renovations programme and was completed by summer 2009 which brought the hotel to a 5 star deluxe status. Since 2009 the new hotel Theophano Imperial Palace has included a business Centre, Gourmet a la Carte Restaurant, 2 bars, main restaurant, 30 suites with private pools, 110 deluxe rooms and 10 deluxe suites with pools and private areas.

The Pallini Beach Hotel & Bungalows was built on a plot of approximately 59.000 square meters in Kallithea, Halkidiki. Together with the latter built, twin hotel Athos Palace, it is beautifully located with its own private sandy beach, well known as one of the best beaches within the area, surrounded by endless impressive gardens.

The Pallini Bach Hotel and Bungalows facilities include light and spacious reception area, lobbies, restaurants, tavernas, bars, conference halls, swimming pools (outdoor, indoor), shops, disco, marina, open air cinema and all beach and water sports.

The Macedonian Sun Hotel and its shopping center were acquired in 1996 by the Ghotels Group. The 3 star hotel has 147 rooms in multi two-level buildings, located within glorious multi colored rose gardens atop an evergreen slope with views looking out onto its beautiful gardens. It has a reception area and lobby, restaurants, taverns, bars, outdoor swimming pools and shopping arcade.

The Simantro Beach 4 star hotel was added to the group in 1997. It was built on a plot of approximately 62.169 square meters that extends down to its own private beach in the Sani area of Halkidiki. Its design and construction is unique and follows traits of the traditional monastic architecture of Mount Athos, the famous Monastic state in Greece. Built with natural materials such as local stone and wood it is surrounded by truly breathtaking pine forests and beautifully tended gardens.

The Simantro Beach Hotel has 728 beds in multi three-level buildings. The main hotel section with 349 beds was built in 1989 and the rooms were renovated in 1997. In 1998 GHotels Halkidiki Hotel group, began the construction works of the new sector of Simantro Beach adding 379 beds, a project that was completed in 2001. The uniquely designed hotel offers a lively reception area, lobbies, restaurants, tavernas, bars, conference halls, swimming pools (outdoor, indoor), shops, disco, marina, open air cinema and variety of beach and water sports. The Simantro Beach Hotel has also incorporated the All Inclusive program and in 2001 the hotel became the first ITS Calimera Club in Halkidiki and the broader region of Northern Greece.

The conference infrastructure and the facilities of GHotels Halkidiki group is considered a very important sector of the business as the hotel group renders as one of the largest conference organizers within Greece. It has acquired knowledge, experience and technical know-how not only within Greece but internationally. It has the capacity to host 2.000 people and can support a variety of conferences and events. It has hosted some of the largest conferences known to take place in Northern Greece both national and international conferences of a scientific, professional, commercial and educational character. Numerous personalities of Greece both of important political and cultural status, celebrities, and performers of the global stage as well as renowned individuals from all over the world have enjoyed the GHotels hospitality.


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