MENTORS is a team of successful professionals of the hospitality industry, bringing together their expertise, passion and dedication to offer tailor made quality hospitality counselling

We provide high quality services such as Hospitality Training – Emotion Empowerment -Operation Counselling – Marketing & Communication and Research Service’s according to client and industry needs and to impact the standard of the hospitality industry services.

Our goal is to be the point of reference for leading quality consulting in the hospitality industry for both clients and hospitality professionals.


  • Assists in achieving your operational goals with tailor made training programs
  • Finds the best talent and trains them to work effectively from Day 1
  • Creates and delivers tailor-made solutions for your SOP documents in a style suited to your employees
  • Measures the guest experience objectively focusing on crucial aspects of the hospitality guest experience that affect guest satisfaction and loyalty
  • Transforms your vision into reality providing assistance in the project development process
  • MENTORS management practice of sharing information, rewards, and power with employees. This puts them at the heart of the organization by giving them motional power to understand what business needs.


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