Leonis Summer Houses

Joanna and Orfeas always shared a passion for travelling and they loved the sea, so they learned how to sail and cruised around the Greek islands. The island that had a special place in their hearts was Mykonos. When they found a field with the perfect view, they decided to build a hotel unlike any other hotel they’ve ever visited. In 1994, Leonis Village opened its doors and the word of mouth was soon off the charts. Joanna and Orfeas never knew how to provide “5-star” services, but they knew how to provide personal care really well. Without any marketing activities and years before one could check online reviews, Leonis was not just receiving guests but earning loyal fans every season.

Once the 2011 season ended, the creators of Leonis decided that it was time to pass the torch to the one after whom they named the place, their son Leonidas. After a significant career turn in order to continue their legacy, Leonidas decided to breathe new life into Leonis with a major revonation, while having inherited his parents’genuine sense of hospitality. Every season the hotel is enriched with further changes and little touch-ups, but the principles regarding the respect to tradition and to the environment are always strongly maintained.

In 2012, Leonis Summer Houses first opened its doors and the story continues…


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