Hydra Mandraki Beach

The beautiful Mandraki Resort Beach is located in a bay, a short boat ride or an easy walk on the level coast road from the port of Hydra.

Looking for sandy beaches on Hydra, look no further! What makes Mandraki Beach unique and distinguishes it from other beaches of Hydra is that it’s the only sandy one. Its shallow waters and sheltered location make it perfect for a safe, refreshing swim or leisurely sunbathing.

Relax on one of our beach beds or enjoy a meal curated by our Head Chef, Panagiotis Koutsouvelis, in our newly refurbished (2018) beachside restaurant. Early risers can enjoy breakfast with us from 9am and you can enjoy watching the beautiful sunsets while you dine with us well into the night.

For evening restaurant guests, our Mandraki Resort Boat is free of charge after 8pm to bring you to Mandraki and to take you back to Hydra Harbour later.


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