MSCOMM was born in 2004, in downtown Athens. In 2007 we converted an old 500m2 toy warehouse, into a loft marked by refined industrial character creating our own urban ideal lab.

We love our clients and work with zest to achieve their goals and co-design their path. We are an integrated communications agency and provide to every client program a complete range of public relations, public affairs, advertising and an in-depth understanding of traditional and new media, as well as an insight into diverse audiences and stakeholders.

We also provide the EU angle and strategic advice on the politically-driven activities of the European Parliament, European Commission and Council of Ministers – and coordinating the efforts needed at national-government level across the 27 EU-member countries.

Our team consists of experts in their own field that play a vital part of our larger entity. Holding a deep commitment in sustaining and building advocacy on behalf of our clients, our team includes professionals that claim expertise on a spectrum of areas, such as PR, advertising, media, business, finance, market research, entrepreneurship, EU affairs and design, to just name a few, sustaining an intelligence diversity and complementing each other’s strengths.

We value creativity, innovation and excellence and encourage our clients to follow the same principles when they engage us. We are known for our passion & dedication and we make our impact driven by our thriving energy and our structured, enthusiastic and effective team.


Κλάδος: Μάρκετινγκ-Δημοσίων Σχέσεων
Έτος ίδρυσης: 2004
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