Αbout us:

General Overview:

Engineering Management is a specialized form of management that is concerned with the application of engineering principles to business practice. It is the ability to cartel in house engineering, value engineering, information management, site construction management and process management in a unified BIM environment to yield the most efficient and cost effective outcomes that benefits the construction operations' lifecycle. We have shaped this platform to cater to the local and international regions and has excelled to become one of the most sought after EMO companies in the region.

We have been engaged in projects covering:

  • Civil & Infrastructure
  • Industrial Facilities
  • Commercial Buildings
  • Residential Buildings
  • Educational Complexes
  • Health Facilities
  • Theme parks
  • Landmarks

With our dedication to our clients, we are committed to their excellence, enhancing their years of experience through a stitched approach information workflow whilst utilizing the facilities that technology has brought to our industry for a better and more sustainable future.

General Company Information:

Year Company was established: 2011 Number of offices worldwide: 4

Total number of BIM employees worldwide: 106

Languages Spoken at BIMTEC:

  • English
  • Arabic
  • German
  • Italian
  • Spanish
  • Portuguese
  • Chinese
  • Turkish
  • French
  • Greek
  • Korean

Headquarters Address:

Al Jaber Group Building – Mathaf Street

Al Jaber Engineering – Lusail City – Foxhill Commercial Registration No: 51159

Contact Details:

Office: +974 4040 9811

Fax: +974 4040 9899

Services Overview:

Virtual Design construction (3D BIM):

With a VDC portfolio of more than 3 Million SQM of projects completed or on-going, BIMTEC can handle all types of projects with uniform and non-uniform shapes and apply engineering and value engineering services while utilizing state-of-the-art technology.

Vertical Planning (4D BIM):

The ability to foresee and analyse all planning errors, furnish solution to optimize project execution whilst enabling better communication between all project stakeholders. Millions can be saved with accurate vertical planning. Our staff has vast knowledge in project planning

Project Management:

Enabling, setting up, advising or implementing end-to-end project management is our core strength. The ability to invert projects from traditional project management into a virtualized one is where most clients seek our expertise.

Facilities management:

Building performance and information capturing is the opportunity of the owner to foresee potential savings while running the building erected from an OPEX perspective, eliminating unforeseen costs associated to Facilities Management.

Capturing the correct information from design or during construction through a verified single point of truth database that can be simply handed over to operators with maximized ROI strategy. BIMTEC’s COBIE certified applications and

workflows is the answer to capture usable data without concerns about the operator appointment and their requirements.

Health and Safety:

When a model is generated, the opportunities to utilize those models are in essence limitless. Our engineers have utilized those models to generate an educational 3D game simulating real conditions, resulting as a tool for HSE managers to optimize their plans, train labor in a more cost effective manner and enabling clients to approve plans without the need to read through manuals. HSE BIM is what makes BIMTEC yet another consulting expert ahead of the competition.

BIM Consultancy:

With the majority of the contractors looking to become BIM capable, we have successfully implemented and assisted the needs of many organizations. Our clients enjoy the seamless delivery of various services including and not limited to BIM Model Audits, BIM Health Benchmarking, Detailed Modelling, BIM Standards and Workflow Management, Implementation and Process Mapping, Sustainability Engineering, IFCs and Shop Drawings, Virtual Reality and more.


Whether it is software training from vendor specific or general BIM workflow training, we have it all. BIMTEC is an Authorized Training provider to large Vendors such as Autodesk, Bentley, Tekla, RIB, Synchro and more.

Site to BIM:

The ability to capture millions of scan points in matter of seconds is what makes Site to BIM so fascinating, at the accuracy of 2 mm the as-built can never be more precise. This is the next era of construction advancement brought to our clients today with our state-of-the-art laser scanners, delivering highest quality 3D data and HDR imaging at an extremely fast scan rate.


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