Elevated Hospitality ● Handpicked Destinations ● Distinctive Architecture & Design ● Curated Experiences ● Profound F&B Culture ● Enticing Settings ● Interaction and Reflection of Heritage and Locality ● Luxury with a heart and soul.

Who we are

Nothing can keep you away from your goals when you have a clear vision. And for more than two decades now, Ledra Hospitality Corporation encapsulates the Spanos family’s vision for an authentic, premium accommodation experience, as a multi-awarded group of luxurious hotels in specially selected destinations across Greece.

Our belief

Investing in tourism is much more than a mere business choice. It is an essential pillar for both the national and local economy, which creates a significant revenue both directly and indirectly -e.g. through the creation of a significant number of employment openings. It is an opportunity for ideas based on values such as innovation and sustainability. And above all, it’s an excellent chance to present and promote filoxenia, one of our core values as a nation.

Well planned steps

Ledra follows a path which makes success seem inevitable. The constant expansion of destinations, experiences, and services is both a compass and a destination for every guest’s journey. A luxurious, unique journey, in which we are more than glad to participate as part of such an experience…


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