In the city of Patras, a forgotten classical building has become a new 5-star hotel.

In the interior, the traditional spaces have been replaced by a minimalist aesthetic, projecting the power of imagination in the process of architectural transformation.

Our Vision

Our project is a 5 star boutique hotel, the first in the area of PATRAS at this level. One of the leading examples of cultural heritage was transformed to give the city a new trend in the field of hospitality.

The philosophy is based on personalised hospitality and our goal is to connect with each visitor and offer him the authentic hospitality that is culturally rooted within us. Our goal is to transmit the local culture to the visitor by exploring the vibrant neighbourhoods and the urban streets of the city and to connect with the local community. We will achieve this only if we see each visitor individually and offer him a personalised hospitality. The city has a huge past, with its archeological sites and cultural monuments, has a lively present with its energy and natural beauty and finally has a bright future, with the science center and all the National road networks of Greece surrounding it.


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