Binswanger Biniaris

Real Estate Sector


D. Biniaris S.A. was established in 1993.  The company began its business operations in the residential sector; buying, selling and leasing property in the most prestigious areas of Greece, focusing on luxury villas, deluxe apartments, seaside plots and private islands.

The next three years were marked by steady progress and subsequently the company entered a phase of dynamic growth.

In 1997, after consolidating success in the residential market, the company planned its next move with the commencement of operations in other sectors; mainly commercial properties, office buildings and retail stores focusing on chain stores development.  

In 2000, after securing a strong presence in the commercial market, and converting to  Societè Anonyme, the company  turned its attention to the promising field of logistics and distribution projects for multinational companies.

A technical department was created, specializing to project construction management.

As the company expands its activities, it strives to develop more creative and innovative approaches to the real estate sector, implementing ideas that may at first appear to be overly challenging.

It is worth noting that the company is supported by a network of cooperating offices in 30 locations throughout Greece.

In August 2007, D. Biniaris S.A. formed a strategic alliance with Binswanger America LLC, the global Real Estate leader in distribution and logistic industry, to represent them exclusively in Greece.


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