Comsys CX

Comsys is a provider of οmnichannel customer engagement solutions that assist companies around the world in delivering unique interaction experiences to their customers. For the last 15 years, we design and deliver complex projects for our clients from the outsourcing, financial services, telecommunications, and retail sectors. We leverage and rely on partnerships with technology vendors like Cisco, Aspect Software and Microsoft for our innovative interaction management and contact center optimization solutions.

It is in our DNA

Our passion is keeping customers satisfied! Within every line of code we write, behind every system we deploy, lives our commitment to great customer experience. The pursuit of excellence is simply in our DNA!


Our priority is to make sure our employees are passionate about their job and enjoy what they do. To achieve that we constantly improve our employee experience (ΕΧ) across all aspects of the working life.

➤ Innovation through team spirit

Collaboration is the keystone of innovation. We overcome obstacles as a team, we encourage initiative and we welcome new ideas. We spur our employees to think out of the box, both for the products we develop and our sustainable growth, as a company.

➤ A modern working environment

Our facilities, offer a comfortable and modern office space, and they are equipped with the all the amenities that will enable our employees to be happy, creative and productive.

➤ We work hard and we have fun

We love what we do and we are among the best in the world. We welcome challenges and often we set new records. We never miss an opportunity to celebrate our achievements and have fun!


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