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... ​TRAVELFUSION is the leading online travel content aggregator and innovator of Direct Connect distribution solutions. TRAVELFUSION operates the world’s largest Direct Connect distribution and payment platform, directly linking hundreds of travel suppliers to Online Travel Agencies, Online (Corporate) Booking Tools, Travel Search and Mobile services. TRAVELFUSIONis a leading player in the IATA NDC distribution initiative aiming to help airlines to more efficiently merchandise and distribute their content to agents and users.



... TRAVELFUSION, headquartered in London (UK) with offices in Shanghai (China), was established in 2000 recognised early on how the Internet would change the travel distribution landscape. TRAVELFUSION pioneered a low-cost Direct Connect distribution modelthat enabled suppliers to connect directly with online travel agencies, tour operators, and search companies. TRAVELFUSION today aggregates 220+ low cost carriers (LCCs), Full Service Carriers (FSCs), and rail operators. TRAVELFUSION’s proven and scalable architecture enables fast adaptability to changes in the industry including full support for ancillary services. On the payment and settlement side, TRAVELFUSIONnow offers the most comprehensive solution for suppliers and agents/meta-searchto shop, quote and book in any currency while Travelfusion settles directly with the suppliers in their billing currencies.



... To be the leading travel content aggregator and transactional payment platform providing bothsuppliers and agents/search engineswith the most effective and robust way to distribute, pay and settle supplier content to agents/users using Direct Connect principles.





We constantly enrich our content offerings. Our direct relationship with hundreds of travel suppliers delivers dynamic distribution capabilities and also acts as a channel that manages highly targeted referral traffic.




We continuously enhance our main competitive advantage – technology. Our Direct Connect XML API, our core and patented system, is designed to power flexible solutions that automate the content aggregation process providing access to countless travel information instantaneously. Our solutions also feature

  • Desktop Solutions that provide a seamless way for agents to shop and book web based content;
  • IBE B2B and B2C Portals that deliver agents with the necessary tools to manage search, shopping and booking of Low Cost Carriers (LCCs), Rail and Hotel Consolidators from a single system;
  • TF.Pay which has redefined the way 3rd parties can pay and settle on a worldwide and consistent basis using their home currencies.




We power the largest leisure and corporate online travel agencies, tour operators, and travel search companies. We continue to reinforce our commitment to provide our customers with

  • Low Cost Business Models;
  • Direct Access to Airlines, Rail and Hotel Suppliers;
  • Comprehensive Post-Booking Support and Reporting Tools;
  • Innovative payment and settlement solutions
  • Supreme Quality and Reliable Service via our 24/7 global operations from our London offices.


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