Astarte Suites Hotel has created a luxury romantic escape with a breathtaking Volcanic backdrop and the mythical Caldera of Santorini island in Greece. No wonder it is the favorite choice for vacation and honeymoon all over the world.

Located in the settlement of Akrotiri and perched on the volcanic cliffs of Caldera, the unique property of Astarte Suites offers luxurious accommodation with stunning views to the vastness of the Aegean Sea and the iconic volcano right in the middle! 

This only-suite boutique property features luxury suites of exceptional beauty, along with world-class services, pampering its guests in sumptuous surroundings, at the tip of Santorini.

Interior design is inspired by the ancient Mediterranean culture making Astarte Suites a true retreat to savor an authentic Santorini experience!
Ideal for couples seeking a dreamy place to celebrate their love or spend their honeymoon, each suite boasts magnificent views, individual décor and top-notch amenities!  

Welcome to your private paradise and immerse yourself in the true pleasures of life! Discover a place where the sea and sky blend in perfect harmony to make your dreams a reality! Loose yourself in a place where each moment has its own proper value.

Welcome to Santorini, the birthplace of legends.

Welcome to a new way of living!

Welcome to Astarte Suites!

  • Listed at the TOP25 places to stay in Greece by Tripadvisor members 
  • Voted as one of the "21 Amazing Hotels to Visit in the World before you Die"


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