First Telecom is an international telecommunication system and IT developer and vendor, operating and providing its solutions around the world. Focus areas of operation are the Balkans, Eastern Europe and the Mediterranean Sea countries.

The Company has extensive know-how and a proven track record of over 15 years in the telecommunication and IT market. The solutions offered, vary in complexity, size and customization in direct response to customers’ needs and specifications.

The main areas of activity are:

  • Carrier Services
  • Highly Specialized Telco Products
  • Niche and/ or highly Customized software solutions

The foundation of the Company’s business strategy is based on innovation, use of avant-garde technology, creative blending of existing solutions and the development of software with a “twist” in the fields of telecommunications and Information Technology.

Focal point of all activities is its dedication to meet customer needs via the necessary customization of the solutions offered. Sole objective is to offer customers the highest technological turnkey solution combined with a cost saving philosophy –being long-term or short-term or even both. Thus, its customer base consists of a wide range of public authorities, large public and private enterprises, all the way to SMEs and private buyers .

The Company’s core business offerings include:

Carrier Services:

  • Backbone Services for xSPs and Voice Carriers
  • Internet Transit Services & Voice Carrier Retail Services

Highly Specialized and Telco Products:

  • IP Related ICT Products and Services
  • PBXaki

Niche and/or higly customized end user applications:


Distribution of world-known IT/IP related brands in all Balkan Countries:


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