The Troufa Concept

As soon as you walk into a TROUFA store, all your senses are stimulated at once. French culinary magic with New York City flair, all in a cozy neighborhood bakery/patisserie! Only the scents inside are enough to get you hooked...


At TROUFA we bake our breads and pastries every few hours rather than our entire daily batch in the twilight. This guarantees our promise for fresh baked goods.

You can find anything from traditional breads to rare varieties, breads with popular super foods, gluten free, fresh sandwiches, petites feuilles, quiches, croque-monsieur and other savory pastries.


TROUFA has all time favorite desserts like éclairs, lemon tarts, apple pies, gianduja cakes, and profiteroles. All crafted with the perfect balance of flavors and substance. Our internationally awarded chef pâtissier deliver visually stunning works of art that offer a suitable prelude to the tasting experience that follows.


Chocolate is the cornerstone of our brand, and our first love. We began as a boutique chocolaterie in Athens, and it was our expertise in chocolate that put us on the map.

Everyday we reinvent the way we taste, prepare and combine chocolate with other ingredients. Our chocolates are fresh so they have a very short shelf life, so we produce them continuously everyday.


We use no artificial coloring or preservatives. Our gelato is fresh and natural. Our flavoring is only from the finest produce in Europe. We don’t use margarine, we don’t use fat. That is why our gelato has more taste, the flavors aren’t overpowered by the cream.

Like everything else at TROUFA, it’s made right here in the store.


Combine the aroma of a French bakery, the buzz of an Italian espresso bar and the look of a Manhattan cafe, an you have the sit-in experience of a TROUFA store. Our selection of coffee is always the finest 100% Arabica, our Baristas are specially trained and some even contenders in international competitions, and are staff, well, let’s just say you get treated like a regular even if it is your first visit to the store.

Light Meals

Exquisite cold cuts and cheeses, luxurious breads, fresh hydroponic vegetables and fruits, sauces that make a difference ... a grand variety of choices that will boost your energy and satisfy your demands of taste.

TROUFA's light meals are being served daily, perfect for a social or business breakfast, brunch, lunch or otherwise. Sandwiches, focaccia, bruschetta, salads, fruit-salads and snacks, freshly crafted with ingredients of the highest quality.

Find Us
Leoforos Thiseos, 4
Drosia, Greece


Κλάδος: Εστίαση-Catering
Έτος ίδρυσης: 2010
Αριθμός εργαζομένων: 40
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