King Maron Hotel

Imagine staying in a countryside hotel, which is a base for any possible destination in the area. Imagine that after your ride or excursion you relax overlooking the deep blue Thracian Sea or the lush countryside and the surrounding mountains.And that later, enjoying your coffee or drink lying on the white pebbles of the untouched beach or on the fluffy saize-longue next to the pool, you admire wonderful sunsets. And if all the above are not a satisfying package, add , the totally relaxing massage overlooking the sea, the tranquility of the sauna and the yoga self-awareness. All this is not in the realm of fantasy, it is absolutely real and you can live it!

The King Maron resort hotel proudly dominates the beach of Platanitis, in the fertile land of Maronia. It is the undisputed jewel of the region, with unparalleled style and combinational architecture. Built on a hill next to the sea, it overlooks the sea since 1980. Its recent radical renovation has given it a breath of modernism and its colorful brilliance in the splendid colors of Greece.

The main building of the resort includes the 48-room two-storey hotel, of which 4 suites, while the ground floor occupies a part of the dining and cafe, with the wonderful Kikones restaurant, the main lobby bar, Apollo pool bar & Odyssey Beach bar at the private hotel beach .

At our restaurant you can enjoy local delicacies directly from the Greek countryside and our bars serve beverages of all kinds with the culmination of wines from the nearby vineyards, and sweets capable of overcoming every possible resistance of will!

In the basement of the building a small paradise awaits guests with massage rooms, a sauna, a hamam, a salt room as well as a relaxing area accompanied by soft music, and there is also a workout area with all kinds of aerobic exercise.

Finally, the wonderful surrounding area has a parking lot for visitors, an exquisite children’s playground for the fun of the children, but also a combination of wonderful paths for relaxing walking or intense jogging.

Relaxation and total rest are the words to define your vacations at King Maron Hotel. Body and spirit balancing between the inspirational beauty of colorful nature and the calming deep blue of the horizon.

The visitor of King Maron experiences the ultimate revitalization, feels the sea breeze touch the skin and fill the lungs, calms the eyes watching the gullible seagulls flying above the crystal clear waters and tastes the most tailored relaxation holidays.

Staying at the King Maron resort Hotel can only be remembered for its unparalleled uniqueness.


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