Do you want to take your career to a new level and uncover your leadership potential? Then join us at the upcoming online events for prospective students from Greece.

If you are a Bachelor’s student and looking for a Master’s, join Access Masters on 25 November.

If you are a business professional considering MBA opportunities, join Access MBA on 2 December.

Access MBA and Access Masters educate, match, and connect prospective applicants with accredited and top-ranked business schools from around the globe. Now you will have the ideal opportunity to learn more about the world’s most recognised business degrees. Speak with admissions representatives of international business schools from France, Spain, UK, Italy, and more.

Top 3 benefits everyone enjoys at the online events:

  1. One-to-one meetings, GMAT workshops, and more

At Access MBA and Access Masters, you are an active co-creator of the event. Benefit from the many engaging formats – interactive workshops on GMAT preparation and other tests, insightful school presentations, and lively discussions and Q&As. You can enjoy one-to-one meetings with schools during the event. Plan your questions now so you can get all the details about the best programmes from around the world.

  1. Personalised experience

Choosing an MBA or Master’s programme is a different experience for everyone. At the online event you will have a personal consultant to guide you to the studies that best fit your background and expectations. Then, talk one-to-one with representatives from the schools that match your preferences.

  1. Scholarship of EUR 1,000 for your business studies

At the end of each season, Access MBA and Access Masters award one prospective MBA student and one Master’s student respectively a scholarship of EUR 1,000 each. For a chance to win the prize, sign up now for free and make the most of the event on 25 November and 2 December. Take an active part in discussions with some of the participating business schools and you might be the next winner.

Sign up as a Master’s participant on 25 November.

Sign up as an MBA participant on 2 December.

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