Mindspace University Program II

An Online Educational Entrepreneurial Program

Are you a university student or a recent alumni from Greece, Croatia, Albania, Bulgaria, Montenegro, North Macedonia?

Discover the Challenges and Business Opportunities in the Transport & Logistics sector, Create New Business Ideas with Mentors from Greece, USA and Balkan countries and travel to Silicon Valley!

The Mindspace University program is back!

Thematic Area: Transport & Logistics Digitalisation → Idea Submission - NOT required

An online educational, entrepreneurial program of virtual classrooms and peer to peer networking meetings to help you to discover business from scratch and collaborate with entrepreneurs from the US and Balkan region

Application Deadline: October 10th



  • 3 winners join Mindspace Trip to the USA for free.
  • 5 winners get discounts for Mindspace Trip to the USA
  • 1 winner gets 10,000 euros
  • Best Teams enter onsite incubation & acceleration programs in Greece, Albania, Croatia and Montenegro.
  • Training to create new business ideas and enter the startup ecosystem.
  • Expand your network, meet talented new peers & create partnerships.

Mindspace University Program II


What it is:

It is an intensive 4-week Online series of Webinars, Virtual Classrooms, Mentoring and Peer to Peer networking sessions for young people in Greece, Croatia, Albania, Bulgaria, North Macedonia and Montenegro to learn about business challenges and opportunities in Transport & Logistics sector, and get trained to create business ideas by entrepreneurs from Silicon Valley, Greece and Balkan area.

Program’s Structure

A)Educational Part

Duration: 4 week online program Content: Challenges and Business Opportunities in Transport & Logistics →Maritime Transport → Road Freight → Mobility → E-commerce & Last Mile Delivery → Entrepreneurship Basics & Digital Tools

Format: Interactive workshops, virtual classrooms and webinars

Peer to peer networking events with talented youth from 6 Balkan countries

Delivered by: 20 stellar entrepreneurs and C level employees from big companies and startups

Get access to online webinars, virtual classrooms, resources and case studies from successful entrepreneurs and experienced mentors to become familiar with common terms & methodologies of entrepreneurial programs, understand more about the fundamental economic & technological concepts in the Transport and Logistics sector and get an insight on technologies, major challenges and future business opportunities in Maritime, Road Freight, Mobility and E-Commerce. Moreover, you learn the process of generating an idea and get trained in the Business Model Canvas principles so as to structure your idea with your team, as you will be asked to submit a business model canvas at the end of this part so as to proceed to the next Entrepreneurial Part.

Team matching

In case that you don’t have a team or are looking to add more members, we help you find one and match you with other talented peers based on your skills, mentality and goals via online peer to peer networking sessions. In case that you already have a team, you participate with your team as it is. The Best 10 Teams, which will be selected from an independent judging committee will enter the Entrepreneurial Part.

B)Entrepreneurial Part

Duration: 3 week online program

Content: Mentoring and Coaching on the business ideas on Transport & Logistics

Format: 1-1 mentoring sessions, Business Model trainings and Presentation Skills workshop

Mentors: >15 entrepreneurs, investors and executives from international companies and startups.

The best 10 teams that were selected during the Educational Part, enter the Entrepreneurial Part to get personalised mentoring sessions, trainings and presentation skills workshops and collaborate with entrepreneurs and mentors, so as to improve their idea, experiment on entrepreneurial tools and prepare for the Final Pitching Event to claim their seat to the Mindspace Trip to the US and 10.000 Euros.

Finals- Online Pitching Event

Each team joins a virtual event to present its business idea to the judges, claiming the Awards


Check FAQ for more details More information about the Mindspace University program can be found here.

For more information about Mindspace, visit the website, like our Facebook page, or find us on LinkedIn.

About Mindspace:

Mindspace is a Greek Non-Profit organisation, whose objective is to cultivate the entrepreneurial mentality in young adults and university students so as to mobilize and empower them to actively participate in social, political and economic life as well as to take initiatives for their personal and professional development under the scope of volunteerism and business. In particular, it plans and implements actions to make them familiar with entrepreneurship in informal contexts (introduction to the business mentality through experiential processes, useful tools and the development of a different way of thinking) or via structured groups for the development of a business idea, regardless of their background (financial, academic, business, political). It also seeks to create networks of students who will inspire and voluntarily impart knowledge to their peers in national, Balkan and international levels. In a sum, it promotes the active participation of young people in initiatives with entrepreneurial and educational value, which will act as a catalyst in their empowerment and the development of society

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